The Bride and Bridemaids

The Bride and Bridemaids
Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor, and it is a role that everyone should take seriously.  If you are new to being a bridesmaid, it might be a good idea to read up on what is expected of you as your friend ties the knot.  At the very least, you should know what separates a good bridesmaid from a bad one.  Here are some of the biggest bridesmaid dos and don’ts:

Do Be There for the Bride

Planning a wedding is stressful, and the day of the wedding is going to be emotional.  A good bridesmaid will be there for the bride on her emotional rollercoaster ride.  Supply tissues so that the bride’s makeup isn’t ruined, be an open ear to listen to her, and let her know that you are there for her always.

Don’t Make It About You

Although it seems obvious, the wedding is about the bride and not the bridesmaid.  Therefore, don’t expect too much attention, and definitely do not try to make the wedding about yourself.  Bad bridesmaids suddenly become jealous and try to take away the bride’s spotlight.  A good friend and bridesmaid will understand that this special day belongs to the bride and be okay with taking a backseat.

Do Be Grateful for Your Bridesmaid Gift

Whether the bride got you a gorgeous wine tasting, bridesmaid robes, or a Jersey Robe to wear or a monogramed handkerchief, you should always thank the bride for the gift.  While it is traditional, the bride does not have to get her bridesmaids a gift, and it is the thought that counts.  If you don’t love the gift, say thank you anyways and move on.  If you do happen to love the gift, make sure that the bride knows how much the gift means to you, because it will make her feel great about her choice.

Don’t Complain

A bad quality in a bridesmaid is being a complainer.  Maybe the weather won’t cooperate or the bridesmaid dresses are hideous.  No matter what the problem is, it is important that you don’t complain about it to the bride.  Be a source of positivity instead, so that she isn’t any more stressed than she needs to be.

Do Plan an Amazing Bridal Party

Pic2The maid of honor (MOH) is traditionally in charge of planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party, but it is the bridesmaid’s duty to assist her.  Help the MOH as best as you can in order to make both parties an absolute blast for the bride.

Don’t Let Your Duties Slide

When you say yes to being a bridesmaid, you should be fulfilling your duties from that day forward until the day after the wedding.  Many bridesmaids think that once the bride and groom leave the wedding that their duties are over.  Bridesmaids should make sure that the bride left nothing behind after the wedding and help wrap the party up.

Do Work on Your Social Skills

If you aren’t great at socializing, it’s time to brush up on your skills.  As a bridesmaid, you will be expected to greet guests as they arrive at the reception and help get the party started.  You may be forced to talk to the bride’s great aunt or speak with her college roommate for longer than you would like to.  However, these people are important to her, and it’s important that you give them a warm welcome.

Don’t Cause Drama

The last thing that the bride needs to stress about is whether or not her bridesmaids are getting along.  Avoid causing unnecessary drama with other bridesmaids over details that don’t matter.  Although the maid of honor is being incredibly bossy, it is better to shrug it off for the sake of the bride.

Do Give Advice

As a bridesmaid, one of your duties is to give advice when the bride needs it.  She may need help choosing a dress, how to wear her hair, where to seat certain guests, and what music is best to play at the wedding.  Your job is to supply her with your best advice.

Don’t Expect the Bride to Take This Advice

Even though you think that first dress she tried on was much better than the second, it is the bride’s final decision in the end.  You are there to give your advice, but it is her wedding and her day.  While you should give her advice when she asks, don’t be upset if she chooses to do it her way.

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