Not ecstatic about being a bridesmaid?  Although you love the bride, sometimes it is hard to get yourself excited about spending the time and money to be a great bridesmaid.  While there may be a lot of responsibility that comes with the role of bridesmaid, there are a lot of perks from it as well.  Here are some reasons why being a bridesmaid is actually awesome:

You Get a Proposal

The bride may get the big proposal, but, as a bridesmaid, you also get a proposal of sorts.  And, if your friend is the type to get really into it, the proposal can end up being pretty elaborate.  It feels good to know that your friend put so much effort into asking you to stand by their side on their big day.  Plus, getting a fun card or gift in the mail can make your day.

It’s an Excuse to Party

Partying Bridesmaids

Everyone needs an excuse to throw a party, and you can have the time of your life at a bachelorette party.  While some go all out and fly their bridesmaids to Vegas for a night full of fun, others can be low-key and just as fun.  No matter what you end up doing, it will end up creating memories that you will cherish forever.

Free Stuff!

You may have to fork out some money for your friend’s wedding, but you also get a lot of free stuff as well.  As the bride tries on wedding dresses, you can enjoy free champagne that many shopping boutiques offer customers.  In addition, you get to take advantage of all the free food with which the bride and groom will supply you.  The bride also typically gets her bridesmaids gifts such as jewelry sets, robes, or matching floral robes to wear on the big day.

The Dresses Have Gotten Better

Complaining about how ugly the dresses are was once a common complaint among bridesmaids, but these complaints seem to be less frequent these days.  Perhaps brides are now desperately trying to avoid this age-old complaint and taking the opinion of their bridesmaids seriously, or maybe the styles are just getting better.  Whatever the reason, you aren’t destined to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress anymore.  If you do happen to find yourself in an unflattering dress, be grateful that you aren’t stuck in one of these bridesmaid dresses.

Go Ahead—Get the Mani-Pedi

The facials, the massage, the spray tan—you now have a good reason to splurge on all of these things.  As a bridesmaid, you will be heavily featured in the bride and groom’s photos.  It makes sense that you want to look good.  If you were looking for an excuse to whiten your teeth, you now have it.

You Get to Bond with the Bride

Even if the bride has a few bridezilla moments, the entire experience will likely make you closer than ever.  The bride usually has some bridal party bonding activities that help you bond with not only the bride, but the other bridesmaids as well.  Whether you all know each other already or are just getting acquainted, this experience is one that will draw you all closer.

Contribute Ideas without Contributing Cash

One of the duties of a bridesmaid is to help the bride make various decisions in regards to their wedding.  This means that you get to contribute your excellent ideas and plan things without spending any of your own money.  It can be fun to help the bride shop for the dress and wedding-related items without the stress of making the final decision.

The Biggest Benefit—It’s an Honor

One of the best benefits of being a bridesmaid is that it is truly an honor to be asked by the bride.  This is one of the most important days of the bride’s life, and she wants you to be there for it.  You will be there to see all the emotions that happen behind the scenes and witness your friend marry the love of her life.  Choosing bridesmaids isn’t a decision that any bride takes lightly, and it is humbling to know that she wants you by her side on this momentous day.  So, while being a bridesmaid may have its downsides, this reason alone can make it all worth it.

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