Saying that a woman’s wedding day is arguably the most important day of her life is an understatement, so it only stands to reason that she needs everything to be just right. The dress has to be the perfect blend of classic and unique. The color scheme has to be modern and sleek, yet still a perfect reflection of the couple’s relationship. And, of course, the menu has to be absolutely on point from the appetizers, to the main courses, to the cake.

Brides want their weddings to look and feel like weddings, but also to be one-of-a-kind experiences that reflect who they are, both as an individual and as part of a couple. Striking the right balance can be quite the challenge, though.

The same thing could be said for the bachelorette party. Naturally, you want to have a great time with your girls – a time that you can look back on with just as much fondness someday as you will your wedding day. However, you’re not interested in the same old clichés everyone already associates with bachelorette parties. (And who could blame you? There is definitely such a thing as too much penis cake!) Here we’ll take a look at some fun ideas for making sure your own special event is anything but cliché.

Switch up the setting a little (or a lot).

When most people think of bachelorette parties, they tend to picture a group of women hanging out somewhere like a bar or a dance club, sipping cocktails and living it up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, as such settings can be lots of fun… but what if bars just really aren’t your thing? What if you just really want to do something different?

Try thinking outside the box when it comes to the setting of your bachelorette party. The only requirement is that it be fun, so think about what that means for you and your unique group of friends. Are you and your friends into the outdoors? Consider a “girls only” camping trip (complete with roasted marshmallows and ghost stories, if you want), or maybe a whale watching tour. Have all of you always wanted to spend some time in a nearby city? Arrange for all of you to get out of town for a few days. No setting is off limits. If it has the potential for fun, it’s on the table.

Consider taking a class together

Classes aren’t just for people looking to enter the job market with a bang. They can be an excellent way to celebrate the transition from singlehood to marriage as well. This is especially the case if you and your girls love to learn new things or appreciate taking on new experiences together.

Consider taking a class as a group – something that will teach you a new skill set that might be especially useful once you’re married, either in theory or in actuality. Just be sure to get creative and think of something that suits your personality and interests.

Are you and your friends all about great food and drink? Try a cooking class or a mixology course. Is spicy and sexy more your style? Look into pole dancing classes. Already getting excited about making a home as a married woman? Look into a decorating course that will have you giving Martha Stewart herself a run for her money.

Plan an old-school pajama party

Many women like the idea of a bachelorette party in theory, but aren’t as keen on going out and cutting loose as they are about staying in. Their favorite times with their girlfriends are more likely to be spent gossiping or laughing on the couch over a bottle of wine and the latest season of Orange Is the New Black. If that sounds like you and your squad, why not consider setting a throwback slumber party theme for your bachelorette party?

Make things special by splurging on a menu that includes all of your favorite slumber party snacks from way-back-when, including your favorite ice creams, snack foods, and party musts (like pizza). Put together a few playlists of your favorite retro tunes to set the mood as well. Not sure staying home sounds quite adventurous enough? Consider checking into a hotel room and giving yourselves the five-star treatment for a night (or two, or three).

Want to add a special touch that doubles as a keepsake for all of you to remember your night by forever? Consider getting a set of matching bridesmaid robes for yourself and each of your girls. Not only will they be just the thing to make your bachelorette sleepover feel truly unique, but they can double as “getting ready” robes for your wedding day. (Perfect if you’re planning ahead in regards to pre-ceremony photo ops!)

Make it a daytime event

Just as bachelorette parties don’t universally have to happen at bars or involve hiring a stripper, they don’t have to be nighttime events, either. Some girls are at their freshest and most fun-loving during the day when the sun’s shining. If that sounds like you, you might want to give some thought to making your bachelorette party a day affair.

Do you and your girls have kids or other family members you’d like to include? Consider grabbing a shady spot at the park by the barbecue area and having everyone drop by at some point during the afternoon. Do you live near a beach, lake, or river? Pack a picnic basket with a generous selection of wines, cheeses, cold cuts, and chocolate to enjoy while you watch the sun set over the water together. The possibilities really are endless.

Schedule a cruise to someplace
you’ve always wanted to go

If you and your friends already go out on the town on a regular basis, it’s understandable if you’re looking for a bachelorette party option that’s a little more out of the ordinary. For many soon-to-be brides, a group cruise is the perfect solution.

Cruise ships are famous for establishing a fun, carefree, party-friendly atmosphere. You and your friends can explore fascinating new locations by day and enjoy five-star treatment on the ship by night. From casinos to midnight taco bars, “entertainment included” venues to beautiful views as seen from up on deck, cruise ships have every thing to offer that an excited bachelorette could hope for. Don’t forget to pick up some bachelorette-themed totes to stash your souvenirs in during your adventures ashore!

Plan a “girls only” road trip

If you like the idea of getting away from it all for a couple of days, but want something a little more economical than a cruise or other traditional vacation option, consider a group road trip. We assure you that they’re just as fun when it comes to celebrating a soon-to-be marriage as they were when you and your girls used to love to go wandering on the weekends when you were in college.

Put your heads together with the rest of your squad to come up with an itinerary filled with sights you’ve always wanted to see and locations you’ve always wanted to visit. Consider giving the trip a theme for extra fun. Road trips can be wonderful ways to explore wineries, restaurants, amusement parks, natural wonders, and so much more.

Plan a free-for-all with a bucket list theme

Just about everyone has a “bucket list” – a list of things they hope to see, do, or accomplish at some point before they die. Why not reboot the idea as an extended bachelorette party theme? Start by sitting down with your best girlfriends with an existing bucket list and looking for some things you could conceivably check off as “done” sooner rather than later. You can have a little fun making memories together on the days, weeks, or months leading up to the wedding.

Alternatively, you can draft an entirely new list – a list of things you’d particularly like to experience while you’re still single. Get creative! The more creative (and the more fun), the better. Ideas can include (but certainly aren’t limited to) learning new skills, visiting new places, going shopping for a particular type of dress you’ve always wanted to own, or engaging in fun activities like bungee jumping or horseback riding.

Celebrate wellness and clean living
with a health-themed party

Lots of ladies these days love the idea of saying good-bye to single life with an awesome party or girls’ day, but aren’t so keen on the idea of spoiling a well-curated healthy lifestyle with binge drinking, junk food, or wild nights on the town. Thankfully, it’s just as easy to put together a bachelorette party that’s as health-conscious as it is fun.

Consider making reservations at a nearby health spa you’ve always wanted to visit and indulging in a day of pampering and rejuvenation. Schedule a yoga retreat or meditation getaway where you can all re-center before the big day. Have a sit-down party at your favorite farm-to-table restaurant or vegan eatery. Your options are wide open.

Get the adrenaline pumping

When you’re about to get married and embark on an entirely new life with your one and only, it only stands to reason that you’d be a little nervous. In fact, many brides find it impossible to be completely calm with such a big change just around the corner. Why not embrace the high energy that comes naturally and have a bachelorette event that’s all about taking other types of leaps?

If you and your girls are all about adventure (or have simply always wanted to find out what it’s like to try something really new), consider exploring some activities together that really get the blood rushing. Take that trapeze class you and your besties couldn’t stop fantasizing about when you were little girls. Try zip-lining, or skydiving, or parasailing. Bachelorette parties represent the perfect opportunity to try something completely new and crazy. Why not fully embrace it and have an experience to remember in the process?

Come up with something that
includes the guys as well

While some women love nothing more than a “girls only” event, it’s hardly against the law to include some of the guys if you like. You can limit the guest list to guy friends or male coworkers if you wish. However, if all of your friends are in committed relationships as well, don’t be afraid to go for a combination bachelor and bachelorette event if everyone’s game.

Pool your resources and rent a cabin in the woods or secure a really nice Airbnb that everyone can share. Take that cruise, or road trip, or winery tour all together as a group. Don’t simply decide that a bachelorette event to remember isn’t for you because you feel like you can’t include the special men in your lives. It’s your party! It can be whatever you’d like it to be, and then some.

Say Good-Bye to Your Single Days in Style

As you can see, bachelorette parties have a lot more in common with the wedding than you’d think at first glance. They’re events – events that should feel memorable, unique, and absolutely special in every possible way. That said, it’s important to make sure every detail represents just the right finishing touch, even if you and your squad are planning on going totally casual with your plans.

The Paisley Box has absolutely everything you need to make the days leading up to your wedding everything they should be. Find gorgeous, contemporary dresses that are perfect for special outings, rehearsal dinners, luncheons, cruises, and more. Make getting ready (or just hanging out together the night before) a true team event with adorably elegant bridesmaid gowns in gorgeous patterns and prints. Find just the right wedding themed gifts for your ring bearer, flower girls, groom, or pets. Explore the possibilities today!

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