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“The robes are beautiful, they are a nice, soft thin material! My bridesmaids are going to look stunning in them! Customer service was fantastic, and SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!``

Taryn Kilday

Cotton Floral Robes
“These robes were such a hit with my bridesmaids and they absolutely loved them! The sizing just a tad big, but everyone seemed to be very comfortable in them. I highly recommend getting the monogram, as this was such a nice touch for each of the girls in the wedding.”

Amy Kaufman

Jersey Lace Robes
“Having had a terrible experience with another shop, I frantically searched for a shop that could provide me with beautiful robes for my bridesmaids in a short amount of time. I Ordered on 3/31, had it delivered 4/4. Beautiful robes in beautiful, individual packaging! So very pleased with my order! Definitely recommend ordering from them!!”

Memory Beamon

Cotton Floral Robes
“This shirt is EXACTLY what I was looking for. My son just turned 5 and he's small for his age, the 5/6 size fits him perfectly. The shirt is too cute and is extremely soft and comfortable. Can't wait to use this at our wedding!”

Brooke Bedwell

Ring Security Shirt


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