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If you’re the maid of honor and think you’re going to be lounging around in one of the bridesmaid floral robes like the rest of the wedding party, you are sadly mistaken. That maid of honor title you’ve been sashaying around for the last six months isn’t retired because the bride is in hair and make-up. Your job isn’t done until the bride and groom have left in their limo and are en route to their honeymoon. Then, and only then, can you remove that metaphorical (or literal, if you went there) sash and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

The big day is a lot more than matching floral satin robes and wedding party shirts; you’re at war, girl. There are a million and one potential booby traps, landmines, and grenades in the form of ripped dresses, make-up melt downs, and missing bridesmaids. The list of potential catastrophes is long, and, as the maid of honor, you’re in charge of fixing them yourself or finding the right people to intervene at the exact right moment.

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You better make sure you have your gear, because you’re in for a 24-hour battle to become either Maid of Honor Superstar or The Biggest Loser. Bring these 17 wedding day essentials, and you’re well on your way to saving the day.

  1. If threads can’t behave, they get cut.
  2. Travel Sewing Kit. There is no worse sound than ripping material; this will happen to someone. Whether it’s a seam on the derrière, someone stepping on the bride’s train, or a popped zipper. Something will happen to someone’s dress, pants, shirt, or skirt, and a sewing kit will be as essential as water in a drought.
  3. Dryer Sheets. No one likes a clingy guy, much less a clingy dress. Having this in your go-bag will eliminate the cling and leave a delightful smell, although it just might also land you a stage five clinger.
  4. Safety Pins. These go hand-in-hand with the sewing kit and scissors. Zippers pop, fabric accidents happen, and sometimes you just need a good ol’ safety pin for the last minute assist.
  5. A Nail File. This little tool will not only save a manicure, but also a dress and veil. A chipped nail can do some real damage to a veil, so be sure to keep a nail file handy.
  6. Oil Blotting Sheets. If nothing else, grab some paper towels from the hotel bathroom, because you will need these, especially if the wedding is during the summer heat. Having extra oil blotting sheets makes sure all of the ladies are looking on point for pictures.
  7. Bottled Water. You need to be on H2O patrol. Bring along water for the entire wedding party. You may be stuck waiting somewhere for what will feel like an eternity, and more often than not without AC, so make sure everyone has water in hand.
  8. They’re a surefire way to make sure your lipstick stays intact. The bride would rather you die of thirst than mess up your make-up, so bring straws for all the bridesmaids.
  9. Fold-Up Umbrella. This may seem extreme, but when it comes to hair – specifically, the bride’s hair – you need one of these in your bag of tricks. Whether raindrops, the midday sun, or a gust of wind, unpredictable weather can bring an up-do down in a minute.
  10. Bobby Pins. You need them in every size, shape, and color. Only butterflies are allowed to flutter on this day.
  11. Comb and Brush. Some people comb, and some people brush. Make sure you’re prepared for anyone’s hair catastrophe.
  12. Hair Ties. These are needed for last minute up-dos on the dance floor. It’s all “long hair don’t care” during the ceremony, but, come reception time, it’s “put it up and shake a tail feather.”
  13. You need hairspray – like 80s Aqua-Net-strong type hairspray – because you don’t care if that bridesmaid doesn’t want crunchy hair, she’s getting those bangs flattened like the bride wants. It’s also the perfect way to get the bride’s veil to stay stiff and perfect for pictures.
  14. It’s a last minute fixer’s dream tool. Apply fake eyelashes, seam rip, touch-up tweeze, and even remove a splinter if need be.
  15. Eye Makeup Remover. Emotional meltdowns are real, people. Prepare for them with eye makeup remover, and reapplying makeup is a breeze. Bring along Q-tips, and eye drops for added support.
  16. Candies and Granola Bars. Low blood sugar is a thing. Candies help. Not eating is inevitable during all the muss and fuss of a wedding, so keep granola bars on hand, too.
  17. You’ll be thankful for flats when your work at the reception is nearing an end, and you need to bust a move on the dance floor.


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