Bridesmaids Exercising

Even if you and your bridesmaids are super close, it is important to spend some extra time bonding with them before the wedding.  Not only is it a great way to bring your bridesmaids together, but it can also help you have some fun during stressful wedding planning.  Here are some fun ways for you to bond with your bridesmaids before your big day:

A Day at the Spa

Spa Bridesmaid Bonding

After all that stressful wedding planning, it’s nice to sit back and relax for a day.  Taking your bridesmaids to a spa for a day of pampering is a great choice if you are particularly stressed out or just need someone to loosen those knots in your shoulders.  Your bridesmaids may be a little stressed out themselves and could use a good pedicure or facial.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Wine, cheese, and a weekend for just you and your bridesmaids is exactly what you need before your wedding.  Wine tasting is an excellent bridal party bonding experience if your bridesmaids enjoy wine and want to broaden their tastes.  You can find a vineyard in your area and get the full experience, or you can host it at home by hiring a sommelier.  If you attend a wine tasting, brush up on your wine tasting etiquette before you go.

A Weekend Getaway

If you and your bridesmaids are more adventurous, keep an eye out for deals on flights and book a quick weekend getaway to a nearby destination.  Going on a random adventure with your bridesmaids will bring you all closer together, and you will get a thrill from doing something on a whim after all that careful planning.

Shop Together

While shopping for your wedding dress together is a bonding experience in itself, going on a non-wedding related shopping trip will really get your bridesmaids excited.  Even if you aren’t necessarily shopping for your own wedding, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for things to wear on your big day.  More importantly, this gives you a chance to be the one to give style advice to your bridesmaids, and not the other way around.

Girls Night In

There is nothing better than an old-fashioned, girls’ night in.  Order your jersey lace bridesmaid robes early and get more use out of them with your girls by wearing them as you give each other the spa treatment or play fun games.  Take advantage of this moment by watching some romantic comedies or cheesy chick-flicks and drinking wine or popping some popcorn.  A girls’ night in is relaxing, and it is the perfect choice for those who aren’t into crazier parties or nightclubs.

Learn Something New

Bridesmaids Exercising

Get closer with your bridesmaids by learning a new skill through a class.  Whether it’s a painting or cooking class, learning something new gives your bridesmaids a shared experience that they can bond over.  Try to find a class that all of your bridesmaids could benefit from so that everyone gets something out of the class.  Because you probably want to stick to your wedding budget, check out Groupon for any deals in your area on classes.

Break a Sweat

Want a bonding experience that also boosts your health?  Consider enrolling in a barre class or yoga session with your bridesmaids.  Not only is this an activity that is easy on your waistline, but it can also significantly improve the mood of everyone in your bridal party.  Because of the rush of endorphins that you get from exercising, you and your bridesmaids will feel on top on the world after a few sweat sessions.  Plus, everyone will look good in their dresses by the time the wedding rolls around.

Become Closer to Your Bridesmaids

A bride wants all of her bridesmaids to get along, and bonding activities can help break the ice.  Even if you are already close to your bridesmaids, these bonding activities are essential.  They are the last time that you will be spending time with your bridesmaids before tying the knot, and while not much is expected to change after being married, it is important that you take advantage of it.  You probably won’t remember much about the days leading up to your wedding, but the memories that you make with your bridesmaids during these activities are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.


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