wedding boquet

wedding boquet

When it comes to your wedding day, there is no wrong or right. Whether you want springtime nuptials with lots of floral and pastel color schemes or a romantic winter wedding complete with deep hues and sparkles, today’s brides truly have the ability to create the wedding of their dreams. Every bride has her own distinct style, and now, more than ever before, she can choose to go as traditional or modern as she likes. This applies to everything from what the bridal party wears to how the big day is planned.

But most brides, no matter how traditional or modern they may be, attempt to carry on some sort of tradition on their big day. One of those common nuptial traditions includes the “something blue.” However, when planning your day, you may find yourself wondering where you can add hues of blue that are unexpected, pretty, and tasteful.

Long gone are the days of brides wearing blue jewels or a garter with blue trim on her leg. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) For those brides who want to do something different, we have brought you ten creative ways to do your “something blue.”

  1. Bouquet

The flower choice of your bouquet largely depends on the season in which you plan to say “I do”—however, blue blooms add a lovely touch to any bridal look. While you can certainly choose to carry an all-blue bouquet, you can also add touches of white, pink, or yellow blossoms, as these colors pair great with blue.

If you aren’t a fan of blue flowers, try tying a blue ribbon around your stems. The ribbon adds interest to your biggest bridal accessory and gives an all white or cream bouquet a nice pop of color.

  1. Flower Girl Dress

This is a fresh twist on a tradition. Dress your youngest member of the bridal party in a sweet shade of blue for an unexpected touch. Most brides tend to think of adding the color to something she is wearing, but the flower girl works just as well! This way you don’t feel pressured to add traces of the color to your wardrobe if you don’t want to.

  1. Nail Polish

A little hint of blue in your nail polish goes a long way. Depending on the season and color scheme of your wedding, you can go as dark or light as you wish. For example, if you are getting hitched in the cooler months, you probably have a darker color palette, so you might get away with a dark navy or gray/blue mani.

On the other hand, spring brides usually have soft pastels or muted colors throughout their wedding décor, and could get away with a pastel blue, and summer brides can get away with a “Tiffany blue” or something a little brighter.

  1. Navy Suit for the Groom


To reiterate our statement from number two, you don’t have to be the one donning blue. Your groom is your biggest accessory of the night—why not have your arm candy wear a navy suit? They look chic, and it adds a touch of the unexpected.

  1. Blue Floral Crown

If you are a bohemian bride, a floral crown is the perfect wedding day accessory for you. It looks great in place of a veil and gives long, flowing hair an ethereal look. Not to mention, it’s on trend in the bridal fashion scene. Add a couple of blue blossoms for a nice touch of “something blue.”

  1. Robe

jersey robe

No one ever said you had to wear your something blue for your entire wedding day. Most brides put on their gowns only right before they walk down the aisle, and you don’t want to wear a shirt that you have to pull off over your head, smudging your makeup or messing up your hair. Enter the bridal robe, which is perfect for hanging around in before you exchange your vows.

If you would rather don blue while you get primped and pampered, a bridal robe for all your pre-ceremony beautifying is just the blue item for you. Just be sure to get your photographer to snap a lot of photos of those intimate moments before the ceremony.

  1. Ruffled Petticoat

Adding blue ruffles to your petticoat is a nice touch that also gives you a perfect opportunity to show off your shoes. Hike up your dress just slightly to show off your killer heels and get a great photo of the hidden blue you are keeping under your gown.

  1. Getaway Car 

    Planning to drive off into the night in a old-fashioned car? Perhaps you want to ride up to your wedding on bicycles, like Beyoncé’s sister Solange. Either way, why not try to find a ride in a robin’s egg blue?Monogrammed Garter

  2. Monogrammed Garter

    Another creative way to include your ‘Something Blue’ is to have your new initials monogrammed on your garter. Not only is this a great way to incorporate blue into your wedding day, but it the monogrammed garter also serves as a great keepsake!

  3. ‘I Do’ Shoe Stickers

    A final way to include Blue into your special day is to wear it on your shoes! These ‘I Do’ Shoe Stickers are both adorable and can be hidden on the soles of your shoe so your visible attire is still all white.



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