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Bridal Trends for 2016

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Just as fashion blogs have drastically changed the landscape for trends and how clothes are styled, blogs and sites such as Pinterest have changed the wedding landscape. Trends have obviously come and gone over the decades, and many brides have dressed, decorated, and planned accordingly. However, now that every bride and her mother can create wedding boards, document all her plans and details on social media, and there are dozens of blogs that deliver wedding inspo right to your laptop, there are tons of new trends and fads for brides to incorporate into their own big day. But, at the same time, since there are so many style ideas out there, it helps to know the latest and greatest trends before they become oversaturated. So, if you are looking to give your Instagram feed some fresh wedding inspiration, take a look at the hottest wedding trends of the New Year.

Macaron Wedding Dessert

  1. Skip the Cake

Maybe sweets aren’t your thing, or you don’t want cake to take up space in your freezer for months after the big day. Whatever your reasoning, don’t feel like you have to have a cake, as that is not a necessary accoutrement to modern weddings. Many brides forgo sweets altogether and instead offer a cheese course or fruit bar. If you can’t imagine nixing all sweets on your big day, instead try a European-style macaron tower, make your own dessert buffet, or find a unique dessert option that fits your theme. For example, a popsicle stand for summer weddings, or gingerbread men and hot cocoa for winter ceremonies.

  1. Tiaras

While many girls’ Instagram feeds were filled with flower crowns over the past few wedding seasons, with the New Year comes a new headpiece. Think of the tiara as the floral crown’s more chic, older sister. While your mind might immediately jump to images of cheesy 80s brides or Disney princesses, give the headpiece another shot! The modern tiara is petite and playful, coming in a range of styles to match your tastes. Gold, crystal, and gilded crowns make the perfect statement with or without a veil. Plus, you have the opportunity to play around and/or change your look for the reception.

Small Wedding Bouquet

  1. Downsize Your Bouquet

Big, trailing bundles of blossoms had their time to shine, but minimalist brides will love the new trend of small bouquets or nosegays. A small bundle of blooms, wildflowers, herbs, and buds are taking center stage. Brides love this option, as it is a nice touch that keeps the tradition of flowers, but without overpowering their dress. Plus, smaller bouquets result in a cheaper floral budget. Who doesn’t love that?

  1. Back in Black

Long gone are the days when brides wore white from head to toe. As of late we have seen colors from cream to pink work their way into bridal fashion. If pastel colors aren’t your thing, and you still want to shock your guests with unexpected color, dare to go black. Anything from black shoes, sashes, purses, flowers, and jewelry to black dresses: Brides have found that working with a white and black palette for their attire and reception gives an overall chic look.

  1. Flower Children

Remember Kate Moss’s gaggle of girls during her big day? If you’re afraid of friends hashing it out, or choosing between your girls for the Maid of Honor, why not go the opposite route instead, and have an entourage of flower girls? You can go without bridesmaids altogether or just have a Maid of Honor. Either way, it will make for some adorable photo ops.

  1. Mismatched Bridal Party

As your mother or grandmother will probably tell you, at one time it was an unspoken rule that bridesmaids had to look identical. Needless to say, this leads to unflattering fits, unhappy bridesmaids, and catfights. Instead, let your ladies pick a dress that each feels confident in and which flatters her body. You can either stick to the same color with different styles of gowns, or have them wear different colors of the same dress – the choice is up to you! Just be sure you stick to the same theme if you want your girls to wear different colors.

  1. Floral Prints

Floral Robes, Bridesmaid Floral Robes, The Paisley Box Robes, Getting Ready Robes

Since spring is right around the corner, floral prints are taking over the bridal scene. Bold brides might want to walk down the aisle in it, or you might want to outfit your bridal party in floral. For the more traditional of brides, keep the floral prints to your bridal robes for pre-ceremony primping.

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