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How important are thank you notes when you receive a gift? Truthfully, it depends on the giver. Some will never even notice that they never received a formal note of appreciation, while others would be greatly perturbed if they didn’t get some form of recognition in the mail. In an attempt to follow etiquette rules (and to appease those that would silently judge you for not sending a note!), however, I would recommend you take the time to write a short note every time you receive a significant gift. Below are some guidelines.


Steps to writing a proper thank you note:


I think you can handle this step. Dear Grandma, Hola Adriana, you get the idea. The important thing is not to use a standard, same for everyone, pre-printed note. This tends to feel really insincere. If you’re going to have a standard note printed on all your thank you notes (like for your wedding), write the giver a short message alongside, below or on the back. A simple great to see you, thanks again for the gift, etc. will do just fine.


Here’s the part where you state why you’re writing. Thank you so much for the baby clothes. You should also compliment the gift you received to show the giver you’re not only appreciative but like what they chose. Thank you so much for the adorable baby clothes. Thank you for beautiful glass bowl.

EXCEPTION: If you registered for the gifts for your wedding or baby shower, you can skip the compliments part because really you would just complimenting your own taste!


Just as some people like to watch the receiver open their gifts so they can see the reaction, they also want to know how you intend to use it. No need to go overboard here, but give a hint at how or why you’re enjoying their gift. The idea here is to make them feel like it was money well spent!  I’ve already put the scarf to good use on my long walks to class every morning. This money will be a big help as we work towards fixing up our new home. The colors go perfectly in my kitchen.


Comment about the event/party or allude to some future plans.

It was so nice to catch up with you at the party. The luncheon was a beautiful and enjoyable event. I hope we can get together again soon after the baby is born so you can meet the newest member of our family.


Yes, tell them thank you again. It is a thank you note, after all! Try not to just use one of the standard, “thank you for your generosity” or “I appreciate your gift.” Take it one step further and make this final thanks a bit more personal. Thanks again for the lovely bowl and for making the long drive to my shower. Thanks again for the generous gift and for helping make my party so memorable.


Hopefully by this point they’re not still questioning who the card is from, but either way, don’t forget a closing signature. Love, Sophie. All The Best, Tom.


Then, get it in the mail, and quick! Don’t let so much time go by that the recipient will have to recall why they’re being thanked.

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