Everyone likes to be on the receiving end of the gift of money. Criticize as you may about how it’s an impersonal or unoriginal gift, but the giftee is rarely disappointed. However, there are ways to gift money that are unexpected and fun. These are some ideas.

Gift Money- Creative Container2

For a birthday, insert the money into a balloon before blowing it up. For a baby shower, put the money in a baby bottle.

Gift Money- Gift Card

Gift cards can be just as exciting as a regular gift if you choose something unique. Surprise the recipient by choosing an unexpected gift card like Southwest Airlines, Stub Hub or Wine Enthusiast.

Gift Money- Supplementary gift

Give the money alongside some other small gift to hint at how you intend for the recipient to use the money. Give ‘Just Married’ flip-flops to the newlyweds with your cash to let the couple know they should enjoy your gift on their honeymoon. Give a decorating book to a new homeowner so they can envision ways to use your money to decorate their home.

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