Berry Gift Box

Cupcake Liner Bow

I made these chocolate covered strawberries for dessert the other day and remarkably there were a bunch leftover. I say remarkably because strawberries are really good right now and strawberries covered in chocolate are even better.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I decided to share the wealth so I boxed up what was left in little white boxes. I was short on bows and ribbon, but thankfully I had recently re-discovered these cute little polka-dot liners leftover from my Valentine’s cupcakes. These are almost too cute to stick on the bottom of a cupcake anyway!


To make the gift bow, simply fold several cupcake liners in half. Lay the liners one on top of the other, evenly fan them out like playing cards and bring the two ends together.  Secure the bow by gluing the bottoms of the top three layers to the liner below it with a glue stick. Last, roll a pipe cleaner around your finger to create a dome shape, and stick the pipe cleaner into the center of the bow.

Cupcake Liners

Now you know, next time you’re short on ribbon or bows, just head to your pantry for a quick fix!

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