It’s the beginning of summer, and in most places the heat is already blistering: A promise that as the summer progresses it will only get worse. On top of that, it’s one of the most popular seasons for weddings, with 34.5% of people celebrating their nuptials during the summer. While the heat may be a little off-putting, weddings during this season are some of the most beautiful, and can be the most fun. In fact, the heat can crank up the fun. If you’re a future bride planning a summer wedding, check out this list of ideas for keeping your wedding guests cool and comfortable while you say, I Do.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

  • Location, location, location. Plan your wedding by the ocean, and take advantage of the breeze it provides. You’ll also get a great backdrop when saying your vows. If you plan a rustic ceremony in the woods, be sure your guests have an air conditioned space where they can cool off. That way, you get all the beauty of an outdoor country wedding, but have happy guests, too.
  • Is this an outdoor or indoor wedding? Both! If your wedding is so rustic that offering an air conditioned-space is just simply not possible, consider setting up tents. It’s the perfect way to be outdoors and indoors, they will block the summer sun, and they will still let you bask in the great outdoors.
  • Invite guests to be smart. They’re often unsure of proper attire for an outdoor wedding, and since the rule of thumb is better to be overdressed than under, use your wedding invitations as way to clear up any confusion. Give helpful tips on the best fabrics to wear to keep them cool. No need for a three-piece suit; a pair of drawstring linen pants and a white button-up will do just fine.
  • Make everyone a fan of your wedding programs. A great way to not only be creative, but to keep your guests cool is by turning your wedding programs into personal fans. Best part: They won’t want to lose them, thus ensuring your guests know where to be and when.Ice Cream Wedding
  • I scream, you scream, we all want ice cream. Bring a little childhood fun to your wedding with an ice cream truck. A guaranteed way your guests will stay cool while enjoying their favorite novelty ice cream from their youth. You’ll also be the fan-favorite for the youngsters in attendance.
  • Light and crisp fare is always better. Skip the chicken skewers for an outdoor wedding and go with a lighter, cooler selection of appetizers. Various stations of fruit, vegetables, and seafood on ice are the perfect alternatives.
  • Quench their thirst by setting up a few stands around the ceremony and reception that have various thirst quenching beverages. Water, lemonade, and tea are great for keeping your guests hydrated and cool. You can even make it extra special by creating your own signature cool-down drinks, or naming the stations after things that hold special importance to you as a couple.Fans for Outdoor Wedding
  • Ahh, sweet relief. Create a few relief stations around your wedding, offering bug spray, sunscreen, cold towels, facial misters, hats, fans, umbrellas, and sunglasses. Now, don’t go overboard and get them all; your guests should be a little responsible for their own comfort, but pick two or three you feel will fit nicely with the theme. As a bonus, you’ve scratched the wedding favor off your list, too.

For brides-to-be, these are eight great ways to keep your guests cool during your summer wedding. But the responsibility to keep cool shouldn’t fully rest on you; after all, your guests are getting to eat, drink, and be merry thanks to your big day, so sometimes just offering them a few tips can go a long way, and keep the expense out of your pocket. Below are a few products you could nicely mention to your guests that will not only keep them from overheating, but will also keep them looking good for photos.

3 Products You Need When Attending a Summer Wedding

  • Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths – These little gems are so convenient they can fit into your guest’s purses or pockets. A perfect way to get a little cool down during the ceremony: Just take out one of these cloths and rub it on your arms, legs, and chest for an insta-chill.
  • Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder – This doesn’t need to travel with them; just using this cooling powder after their shower eliminates the chance of a heat rash developing.
  • Whish Deodorant Swipes – Let’s be honest. Heat leads to sweating, and sweating leads to stinking. Eliminate that potential horror with these pocket/purse friendly packets. Just give yourself a quick swipe after the ceremony in the bathroom, and be fresh and ready to tackle the reception.

Summer weddings don’t have to be controlled by the heat. Use these tips and products to ensure all your guests enjoy the fun in the sun your wedding will bring.



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