As times change, traditions can change too, so have a little fun and give your flower girl a new item to carry down the aisle. Flowers aren’t for everyone, so choose something that reflects your style or personality, and give this tradition a little twist.

  • A fun choice, balloons offer a variety of ways to use them. You can have your flower girl carry one giant balloon, a bunch of little balloons, heart balloons, balloons with messages on them, and so much more. Just be sure you tie them snuggly on the little tyke’s wrist; a balloon that flies away can mean a total meltdown for them!Flower Girl Sign
  • A sign. This can be a fun surprise for the groom, provided you can keep a secret. Again, it’s a versatile choice; you can put any message on a sign of any shape and size, and have your flower girl carry it down the aisle. Here she comes, wait til’ you see her! or something equally unexpected can be fun.
  • A parasol. Especially great for those who are having summer weddings, parasols can work in any season. Not only will it keep the sweetie shaded from the sun, but you can also add a sentimental message to the top, such as Here comes the love of your life!Flower Girl Pinwheel
  • A whimsical way for your flower girl to walk down the aisle is with a pinwheel. Give her a little flower crown, and have her carry a pinwheel in the colors of your wedding. It will look absolutely gorgeous to your guests, and be a fun prop for her!
  • A wand. Wands aren’t just for fairy godmothers anymore; let your little ray of sunshine have some imaginative fun with a wand decked out in flowers and ribbons the same colors of your wedding.
  • Bubbles are a alternative for the flower girl and ring bearer; they get to blow their little hearts out while they walk down the aisle. To top it off, no muss and no fuss, there will be nothing to clean up later. Just make sure they don’t get so distracted blowing bubbles that they end up holding up the ceremony.Flower Girl Dog
  • Your dog. Many find that their dog is just as important as any member in their family, and therefore should be included in the festivities. Well, that sounds like a job for super flower girl; get a flower pup collar for your pooch and have the little princess walk the apple of your eye down the aisle. This is another one for the bride with the right personality; you’re pairing a little kid with a dog; anything can happen. Have someone keep them focused!
  • Bells!  Have your flower girl hold a small bell that she can ring as she walks down the aisle. This a cute and unexpected way for her to call attention to the Bride’s arrival!
  • A beach bucket. An obvious choice for the beach wedding – shells! What could be cuter than a little girl walking barefoot in the sand carrying a beach bucket full of seashells? Make it extra special by having something written on the front of the bucket.
  • A lantern. This is such a fun idea for anyone who is having an evening wedding. Little girls love things that sparkle, twinkle, and light up. Skip the candle lantern and instead decorate it with LED lights that fit with your wedding. Your flower girl will love this, and she’ll look like an angel walking down the aisle with the gentle glow of the lantern on her face.

With most churches no longer allowing you to use rose petals during your ceremony, it’s the perfect time to find new and fun alternatives. This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sweet alternatives for your flower girl. Let your creativity flow, complement your theme, and have some fun creating a new tradition with your flower girl.



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