Bride Makeup

With more and more brides enlisting the help of a makeup artist on their big day, we’ve put together our top tips to ensure that you get what you want on your wedding day:

Bridal Makeup

Researching the look you want for your Wedding

Pinterest, bridal magazines and wedding websites are a treasure trove of ideas for your wedding day but it’s also important to use these as inspiration to then tailor the look to your personal preferences and requirements. Think about how often you wear makeup and what your usual makeup look is, what do you want to enhance or draw attention away from? Are you getting married outdoors? Maybe you’re having a super-glam formal affair? What will your hair and dress be like? Don’t worry if you can’t confirm some of these details this far in advance, as long as you’ve got a rough idea it can always be finalised later.

Finding and booking your makeup artist

Before you choose your makeup artist, do your research – ask around for recommendations, check out social media and book in a makeup trial or two beforehand to ensure that your expectations match your experience. Think about the look that you want and your budget and choose your makeup artist accordingly. Remember, your bridal party will probably also be getting their makeup done.

The most popular makeup artists will get booked extremely far in advance so make sure that you don’t miss out if you have your heart set on a particular artist by checking availability early.

Some makeup artists will want a deposit up front to secure your booking, with the rest of the payment either due on the day or by invoice shortly after the wedding. Plan this into your budget and if payment is due on the day, designate a member of your bridal part to handle this as you’ll have enough to think about on the day. Don’t forget to confirm what’s included in the price too.

Bridesmaid Manicure


Other Wedding Day appointments

As well as your makeup there may be other beauty appointments to plan in before your big day. Tanning, nails, facials and enhancements like lash extensions should be planned in to ensure that they don’t clash with your makeup or cause any problems on the day.


Your makeup artist will give you some guidance on this but make sure that you have enough time on the morning of your wedding for everyone to actually get ready and have their makeup done. It’s a bride’s prerogative to be a little bit late but you don’t want to leave the groom wondering where you are!

Getting ready with Your Bridesmaids

Floral Robes

Plan ahead and ensure that your bridal party all wear something like a floral robe that can be unfastened from the front to get ready – this means no-one’s pulling a tight shirt over their freshly applied wedding makeup. PS – if you’re on the hunt for unique bridesmaid gifts to give your girls with their Floral Robes, our  Floral Cosmetic Cases match perfectly!

Also, be really careful when putting your dress on as wedding dresses are usually a light colour that will show any marks or transfer. Have a bridesmaid or a family member put together an “emergency pack” with things like a sewing kit, facial wipes and band aids in there – anything that you might need to do a last minute fix or an emergency repair on the day.

During the wedding

Plan in someone who you trust to take a bag to your wedding filled with the essentials to keep your makeup looking great on the day and well in to the night – remember there’ll be cameras around from start to finish. If you’re worried about how your makeup looks through the day, assign an honest member of your bridal party to “makeup duty” so that they can let you know if anything needs topped up or fixed on the go.






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