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Planning a bachelorette party? Here are some fuss-free bachelorette ideas that are fun and easy to organise:

Backyard BBQ Bachelorette Party

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For a more relaxed and low key bachelorette party, head to whoever’s house has the biggest backyard, set up the grill, stock up on food and drinks, hit the music and start partying! Decorate the backyard with plenty of rustic touches and personalized trinkets for the bride, plan some fun activities – like cocktail making, crafts, sports – and games and get celebrating. Another fun touch is to get lots of props, take plenty of photos and set up a bachelorette party hashtag so that everyone can check out the pics later.

Take Your Bridesmaids on a Spa Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so your bride might want her bachelorette party to be a more relaxing affair. Book the girls into a spa for some much needed top to toe pampering, have some bubbles on hand and maybe fit in an overnight hotel stay with a great meal to truly relax away from the wedding planning. You’ll all come away feeling relaxed and looking great.  A spa bachelorette party also means that you can put together some great party gifts like personalized bridal party robes, branded bachelorette nail polish bottles and pretty customized eye masks.


A budget friendly option that’s really easy to organise, a sleepover bachelorette party can be a great throwback. Get some cute bachelorette pajamas, decorate the sleepover room with cute girly accessories (think pink and glitter!) and throw on some chick flicks. Stock up on snacks like popcorn and pizza, add some cheesy music and party games and reminisce. Make sure you take plenty of photos to commemorate the bride’s “last girly bash” as a single lady.

Our top tip for a sleepover bachelorette party is to fill a goody bag with nostalgic gifts and treats, like a retro mix tape, candy and lip balm.

Sophisticated Bachelorette Winery Tour

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For a sophisticated bachelorette party, visiting a winery is a must. It can also be one of the more straightforward options to organize. Plan in some wine tasting and some additional activities, soak up the atmosphere then dress up to go for dinner and drinks. For guests that can’t, or don’t, drink alcohol they can always join on later in the day or just come along to enjoy the vineyard experience without the wine tasting part.

We love the idea of getting bachelorette party wine labels printed and sticking them onto mini bottles of wine (ideally from the winery…but if not, no-one will know!) for a super cute bachelorette gift.

Test Your Bridesmaids’ Drawing Skills

You can add a fun life drawing session to any kind of bachelorette party or you can make it the theme of the day. It’s easy to organise and can be paired with other activities for mischievous bachelor party fun that’s racy without being too x-rated. You can laugh later about everyone’s art skills (or lack of) and send them away with some cute art-themed gifts.

Head to a music festival

If your bachelorette party falls over festival season, get your girls together and head to a music event to celebrate the bride’s impending nuptials. Whether you stay local or go to one of the biggies across the US like Coachella or Lollpalooza, hitting a festival could really let your bachelorette party let their hair down.

If living in a tent for the weekend doesn’t sound like your bag, rent a house and stock it up with plenty of essentials to party in style but still be able to take a hot shower, get a decent nights sleep and wake up feeling fresh. If you do decide to rough it and stay on site, a ‘Festival Survival Kit’ can be a great bachelorette party gift for everyone in the group.




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