Valentine’s Hidden Message Cupcakes

Valentines Hidden Message Cupcakes


When I initially started planning this post I had intended to make Valentine’s Day fortune cookies. I now know that fortune cookies are no joke to make. I kept reading all of the recipe comments about how tricky it is to master the texture and shape of the cookie and truth be told I was a little intimidated. Plus, fortune cookies didn’t quite feel festive enough. When it comes to Valentine’s desserts, you’ve just gotta go red velvet. Hence this fortune cookies meets cupcake creation. Simply pull the little red ribbon to reveal the Valentine’s message hidden inside.

These are the supplies you’ll need (aside from cupcakes and frosting): ribbon, straws, scotch tape and little Valentine’s messages.

Valentines Hidden Message Cupcakes3

To make the hidden message cupcakes, begin by cutting the straws into about one-inch segments. Then roll up your Valentine’s messages and stick one in each of the straws. Tape on a short piece of ribbon so that the messages can be easily pulled out of the cupcake.

Valentines Hidden Message Cupcakes2


Using an empty straw, hollow out a spot for the messages to be inserted into.

Valentines Hidden Message Cupcakes4

Below is what your cupcakes should look like before you frost them.

Finally, top your cupcakes with frosting or whipped cream to cover up the holes.

Valentines Hidden Message Cupcakes1