Personalized Wedding Robe

Monogramming is a great way to personalize special wedding items like your bridesmaid robes, registry gifts (such as towels or bed linens), table linens, thank you stationery and even your wedding cake.

In case you’re not sure, a monogram is a combination of initials – usually a variation on first, middle and last name – used to identify an individual and tell a story about who someone is or wants to be. It can also reflect views on marriage, tradition and individual identity depending on how the lettering appears.

You’ve probably seen many monogrammed items previously, but did you know that, like most things when it comes to weddings, there are some traditional rules which can be slightly confusing, or at least probably aren’t quite what you would expect?

Three Letter Monograms on Bridal Robes, Garters or Accessories

The first, and probably the most common, marriage-related monogram is the three letter monogram, which is the first initial, last initial and middle initial of a name. So, if your married name is Kelly Ann Moore, for example, your three letter monogram should be KMA.

There’s also the married, kept maiden name monogram option which is exactly what it sounds like! In this scenario the monogram consists of first initial, married last initial, maiden initial. So, using our example from earlier, if a maiden name is Kelly Thompson and married name is Kelly Moore then the married, kept maiden name monogram would be KMT.

Where a last name has been hyphenated, there’s also a traditional monogram style. A hyphenated last name monogram reads first initial, initial after the hyphen, initial before the hyphen. So, Kelly Moore-Thompson would be KTM.

Use your three letter monogram on our Jersey Lace Robes, pictured below.

Lace Robe

You can also use this type of monogram on our Cosmetic Cases.

Personalized Cosmetic Case

One of my favorite places to add a monogram is on your garter. Select our light blue thread and this monogram becomes your Something Blue! Shop our Personalized Garter here.

Personalized Garter 

Modern Wedding Personalization: Single Letter Monograms

Did you know that single-letter monograms are also a thing? Traditionally, single letter monograms are used to represent last name but often, a more modern touch is to feature the first letter of a first name. This can be quite cute for a bridesmaid gift but doesn’t link as closely with a wedding and married name, of course.

Monogrammed items can be a great gift for bridesmaids or the wedding party as a thank you and a reminder of just how much of an important part of your wedding and journey into marriage that they are.

Pictured below is our Jersey Lace Robe with single initial monograms.

However, if you aren’t as concerned about tradition when it comes to your wedding then the world is your oyster and you can monogram your items however you would like. You can play with the sizing of a specific letter so that it stands out more (such as a new married last initial in the center), use first initials only for a more informal feel or play with color so that the monogram fits your wedding palette.

Other Monogrammed Gift Ideas

Some people have completely thrown tradition away and gone for a wedding hashtag monogram or a completely non-traditional acronym – #MeetTheSmiths or XOXO are two that could work for a more modern or informal wedding.

We will monogram your items exactly to your specifications so it’s important to check carefully for any typo’s, spelling errors, how colors work on your item and the way that your choice of lettering looks together before your order is confirmed.

Remember, how you choose to monogram your items is completely up to you. Your wedding, your personality and ideas, your rules! Focus on fitting your design in with your wedding overall and you can’t go wrong! For more details about monograms, fonts and styles check out our monogram information here.

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