How To Make Fabric Covered Vases

DIY Lace Vases

Last week was supposed to be a relaxing week off from school, but instead of enjoying down time I spent most of the week sick with a cold brought on by some serious pollen allergies. Seems to happen every year; bad allergies become a bad head cold. It was the kind of cold where your head feels so heavy you can’t possibly concentrate on anything serious or complicated. Thankfully I had plenty of reality TV and Netflix to keep me occupied.

On the upside I did manage to make it to the farmer’s market and pick up this lovely bouquet of daisies. Instead of just sticking them in a regular vase I decided to wrap my short cylinder vase in fabric. I happened to have some lace on hand but you can choose any color or pattern that matches your bouquet. I also spotted some bright pink hydrangeas at the market and am thinking of pairing them with a navy print.

DIY Lace Vases3

DIY Lace Vases4

As long as you pulled the two ends of the fabric tight enough together, you shouldn’t need the tape anymore. Once the glue has dried, carefully remove the scotch tape from around the top of the vase.

DIY Lace Vases2

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