If we throw a shower for people who are having their first baby, I think it’s only fair that we celebrate new dog owners by giving them some kind of gift. Getting a new puppy is basically like adopting a baby, right? (disclosure: I have 0 kids and 1 dog). Whether you’re buying for the newest members at the dog park or for your own furry friend, here are some of my favorite pet products.

New Pet Gifts1

1. Dog Treat Maker ($52), 2. Uncommon Goods New Dog Kit ($25), 3. Pet Head Shampoo ($10.50) & Pet Select Wire Brush ($8.50), 4. Underwater Dogs book ($12), 5. PetHub Digital Tags ($14.95)

The PetHub dog tag is a smart upgrade to your typical pet ID. If your pet goes astray, anyone can scan the tag with their smart phone to access your pet’s profile or call the 24 hour call center number found on the tag. You will be provided with GPS data from the scanner’s phone in an instant e-mail notification. The Underwater Dogs book has some hilarious shots. It just may be the perfect coffee table book – I promise it will make you smile as you flip through it.

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