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The bachelorette party has long been shunned by some brides-to-be who prefer to leave the whole last night of single life ritual to the men. Men aren’t the only ones about to get a ball and chain, so women need to let their hair down and enjoy their last night of freedom, too. Take a page out of Beyonce’s book – after all, she was right about puttin’ a ring on it – and grab all your single ladies for a night of celebration.

You can make it as buttoned up or as unbuttoned as you want; Ron Burgundy it and stay classy, or be like Miley and go the We Can’t Stop route. Maybe stay somewhere in the middle. Just make sure that whatever you choose, you treat the night like what it is – a celebration of one of life’s major milestones, the end of an era. The keys to a memorable night include getting ready together, rocking the right gear, and the post-party cool down.

4 Beauty Essentials that Will Last the Night

There is nothing worse than swiping through your photos and seeing your transformation from glam beauty to “someone please call security.” To avoid this all too familiar photo hall of shame, use selfie-ready products that will keep you gorgeous all party long. No need to constantly run to the bathroom for touch-ups.

  1. Sheet masks. It’s all about that base, ‘bout that base, and this time that means your face. Gather your ladies around in their matching royal blue bridesmaid robes, and have them all apply sheet masks. This Asian skincare staple will hydrate, refresh, and brighten your skin in a mere 20 minutes. Added bonus: first group selfie of the night!  bridal robe
  2. Dry shampoo. Let’s face it, most of the time your hair will start to lose its va-va-voom between all the shots and dancing, but dry shampoo can save the day. Scrunch a little into the root of the problem, and voila, your hair is ready for tongue-out selfies.
  3. Long-lasting lipstick. Keep those pouty lips, duck-face selfie-ready with your favorite long-lasting color lipstick.
  4. Setting spray. You won’t have to worry about your makeup melting off if you use a good setting spray to mist over your face before you head out for the night.

Leave No Bridesmaid Behind: Bridal Party Identifiers

You can always spot a bride-to-be and her entourage by their bachelorette party gear. Most people think the matchy-matchy is just for fun, but it’s for way more than that. Bachelorette gear serves as identifying markers when your group is past the point of sticking together. At least they can rein them back in by color. “Hey you. Guy. Can you get the attention of my friend over there in the pink?” Well, look at that. You found Melanie.

  1. Personalized Temporary Tattoos. These are really on trend right now – stamps, stickers, and temporary tattoos that state you’re with so-and-so’s bachelorette party. Not only can strangers read this, and identify your group, but you get a free drink as well! Say what?personalized temporary tattoos
  2. Matching Tanks/T-Shirts. Make sure your bridesmaids are all rocking the same tank. Since they may get into some raucous behaviors in your name, give them permission with “The Bride Made Me Do It” This way, they can be off the hook for their shenanigans … sort of.
  3. Crowns. A white bride crown for the bride-to-be and pink crowns for the fellow bachelorettes make great identifiers. Otherwise, how will people know who to buy the shots for? If you’re poolside for your bachelorette party, get monogramed neon snap-backs for your bridal crew.monogramed neon snap-backs
  4. Liquid Courage. Some of your ladies may need a little extra liquid courage, so help your fellow sisters with mini-bottles of vodka in cute “trust me, you can dance! Love, Vodka” favor bags. Now this may not help as an identifier, but it helps with everything else, including last-minute tattoos!

Beat the Hangover with a Morning-After Kit

The morning after the bachelorette party could have a few of your ladies in sunglasses, crawling in their floral bridesmaid robes from the bed to the bathroom. An easy way to bypass this whole pathetic morning-after look, is to give them the added bonus of a morning-after necessities favor bag. It can help save the day and have you laughing and reminiscing over mimosas in no time.

What is your number one bachelorette party essential?

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