Clockwise from Top Left: Michael Chiarello Wines for Entertaining Sampler Link ($33), Personalized Bridal Hanger Link ($26), Bridal Stickers Link ($8), Kate Spade “I Do” Necklace Link ($78), Nambe Heart Engagement Ring Dish Link ($30), Lovebirds Engagement Ring Dish Link ($25)

Engagement parties are tricky. Do you bring a gift? Do you not? How much should you spend? Bringing a gift to an engagement party is not a requirement, but I think it’s nice to bring some token of celebration for the couple. You don’t want to break the bank since the engagement party is sure to be followed with an invite to the shower, bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding. A bottle of champagne would be perfect, but if you’re looking for something a little less predictable, one of these four adorable gifts will do the trick.

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