Creative Container Easter Baskets

Dump Truck Easter Basket

Final Product2

One way to jazz up your Easter baskets is to use an unexpected container. I put together this dump truck for my nephew who is a major fan of all things on wheels. You could also use a baby doll carriage or cradle, a sand bucket, a backpack, a mini shopping cart or even an upside down hat.

STEP 1: Gather your goodies. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out Monday’s post.

Gather The Goodies

STEP 2: Stuff your basket (truck, bag, bucket, etc.). Make sure you use enough Easter grass so that your basket is overflowing. Everything that you add to the basket will weigh it down and you want your goodies to sit high enough so that you can see them over the side.

Stuff Your Basket

STEP 3: Assemble your basket. Start from the back with the largest items. Then, spread out all of the smaller items up front. Use candy to fill in the gaps.

Arrange Your Basket

The finished product:

Final Product


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