I’m not much of a tea person – I much prefer coffee – which is why I started thinking about different ways I could use these cute little teacups I spotted at an antique store recently.  I hesitated in turning them into favors because I thought it might get a bit pricey for large parties. BUT, I did a little research and as luck would have it you can buy affordable vintage teacups in bulk online from places like this. I think these would be a perfect favor for a bridal shower, baby shower, mother’s day or little girl’s birthday party. Stick to girly events. These are definitely girly favors!

How to assemble your cupcake favors:

1. Bake your favorite cupcakes without liners (don’t forget to spray the pan)
When they cool, pop them into the teacups
Fill your pastry bag (or baggie with the tip cut off) with frosting. I used a 1M star tip to frost these.
Start frosting from the outside of the cupcake and apply even pressure all the way around. Don’t stop until you get to the middle of the snail shape. It’s all about the fluid motion! Each ring should sit partially on the one before it so you’re building some height. (It takes a little practice to make them pretty so make a few extra)
Sprinkle a few pink edible pearls on top (they sell these at Walmart & Michael’s) & voilà!

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