Baby Shower Favors


This past weekend was my sister’s baby shower. I’ll share some photos from the day tomorrow, but first I wanted to show you the favors that I put together. We went with a ‘Baby Bird/ 2 Eggs in the Nest’ theme (she’s having twins!) so I wanted to choose something that went with that theme. I was indecisive about settling on just one favor…I blame my indecisiveness on there being too many cute ideas on Pinterest. Plus, two babies, two favors. Makes sense, right? Right.


The first is this hanging bird feeder that believe it or not was incredibly simple to make. I used this recipe.


A little tip if you decide to make these guys: make sure you spray the cookie cutter every time. Otherwise the birdseed gets stuck and the shape won’t hold.



I also filled these mini clays pots that I purchased at Michael’s with chocolate eggs. Then, I wrapped a little white tulle around each one and tied them with jute. Cute, right?



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