Year 7 is the year of copper & wool. Wool represents comfort and durability so it’s a fitting gift for couples that make it past the 7-year mark. Think soft and warm accessories. If you’re celebrating a winter anniversary, you’ll have no problem here. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll have to face the challenge of finding something made of copper that your spouse would actually be excited to receive! I’ve pulled together a few creative ideas for you, but  you could always make something like this DIY penny frame.

Here are my Anniversary gift ideas to help you celebrate beating the 7-year itch!

Anniversary Gift- Cashmere Robe

 Cashmere Robes ($250)

This is not the most affordable gift, but ones that’s exceptionally soft, warm and luxurious. Restoration Hardware has cashmere robes on sale for $250, which is a great price compared to what most other retailers are offering.

Anniversary Gift- Bens Garden Frame

Ben’s Garden Frames ($72 & $82)

These glass and copper frames are inscribed with famous quotes about love and life. They sell a lot of these frames at Nordstrom for around $75.

Anniversary Gift- Wool Accessories

Assuming the season’s right, you’ll have a lot to choose from in this category. This is an easy, go-to gift for both him and her.

Anniversary Gift- Wind Charms

Wind Charms (prices vary)

A soothing musical addition for your outdoor garden. Wind charms come in a variety of materials but copper is a popular choice.

Anniversary Gift- Jewelry

Studded Cuff ($24), Linked Arrow Necklace ($22)

You’ll have to do a little searching to find copper jewelry, as it’s not a common material. I love both of these very affordable pieces.

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