Congratulations on completing the 6th year of marriage! To celebrate, tradition says that you should gift your partner candy or iron. Interesting, right? I’m beginning to wonder who came up with this list of “traditional” anniversary gifts. This year was a little difficult to pull together because iron doesn’t exactly lend itself to a romantic selection of products. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a wrought iron gate?! Nevertheless, I think I have a few appropriate ideas that will still surprise and delight your spouse.

If you haven’t made it to year 6 yet, click to browse through all my traditional anniversary gift ideas.

retro candy basket

Your spouse will love going through this basket filled with nostalgic candy from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Anniversary Gifts - Cooking Supplies

If your spouse likes to cook, cast iron cooking supplies like this French Oven or this Fondue Set are heavy-duty, quality tools.

Anniversary Gift- Time Capsule

Many time capsules are made out of steel, but according to Google iron and steel are basically made from the same elements so I’m going with it!

Fill a time capsule with photos, a letter to your spouse, newspaper clippings, etc. Plan to open the capsule on some milestone anniversary.

anniversary gifts - golf irons

This is a no brainer if your hubby or wife is a fan of the sport.

Anniversary Gift- Vintage Decor

If these types of items fit your taste and the style of your home, you can find some cool iron decorative pieces. These three items all happen to be from Nordstrom, but I would also suggest Restoration Hardware or your local flea market.

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