Oh, dear. When I saw what the customary anniversary gift for the fourth year of marriage is I knew this week would be a challenge. As tradition has it, you should celebrate your fourth year of marriage with Fruits and/or Flowers.

Though this wasn’t an easy one, I think I came up with a few cute ideas. If you missed my traditional Anniversary picks for year’s 1-3, you can check them out here.

Anniversary Gifts- Wine

Anything wine will certainly fit the bill for a traditional ‘fruit’ gift. You could take a trip to a winery, wrap up some new wine accessories or simply purchase one of your favorite bottles to enjoy together.

 Anniversary Gifts- Wedding Flower

I’ve mentioned this one on the blog before, but it seemed appropriate to add it here as well. Calyx flowers offers a ‘flower of the month’ where you can purchase 3, 6 or 12 months of your wedding flower. If you’re looking to spend a little less, you could always buyer her just one bouquet on your anniversary.

Anniversary Gifts- Botanical Gardens Trip 

If the season is right, you could plan a trip to your local botanical gardens. The botanical gardens in New York are really spectacular and worth the trip.

Anniversary Gifts- Fruit Tree 

I love this idea because I think it’s something you’ll enjoy for years to come, but you’ve got to live in the right part of the country to make it work. Here’s an article from Southern Living about the 5 easiest fruit plants to grow in your backyard. If a fruit plant is too much you could always go with a flowering hydrangea bush, which are not difficult to maintain.

Anniversary Gifts- Apple Products

Ok, for you sticklers out there this one may not fly but if you’re willing to stretch the rule a bit you could purchase an ‘apple’ product for your spouse. This is a fun, modern take on the tradition fruit gift.

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