Year 8 of marriage is celebrated with gifts of bronze or pottery. I’m sure like me, you’re having trouble coming up with many viable gift ideas made out of these materials. Pottery is tough beyond dishes and bronze leaves me thinking of olympic medals and plumbing pipes. After a few hours of brainstorming I’ve come up with several ideas. I hope one of these works for you!

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Anniversary Gifts - Sunglasses

Copper sunglass frames are not the most common, but there are a few brands that work with copper including Maui Jim.

Anniversary Gifts - Bronzed Keepsakes


Bronze your most precious keepsakes and preserve them forever! If you have your child’s baby shoes, sports memorabilia or a favorite wedding memento, you can turn them over to a company like this one for a unique keepsake and gift.

Anniversary Gifts - Pottery

Take a visit to your local paint your own pottery shop and get creative! Paint her a new pasta dish, make him a new morning coffee mug or paint a frame to hold a picture of the family.
Anniversary Gifts - Decorative Mirror

A number of household items can be made out of copper or pottery, but I love these decorative mirrors that I found on houzz.
Anniversary Gifts - Mommy NecklaceIf you’ve got little ones, the ever popular mommy necklace can be made out of copper. This is a thoughtful gift your wife is sure to appreciate. Try Etsy for a number of pretty options.

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