• Bridesmaid Picture Frame Gifts for 5x7 pictures by The Paisley Box

    Bridesmaids Frame

  • Needed 4 Outfits Packed 25 Funny Luggage Tags - ships in gift box! by The Paisley Box

    25 Outfits Luggage Tag

  • Bestie Maid of Honor Shirt

  • Wedding Luggage Tags for the Maid of Honor + Bridesmaid by The Paisley Box

    Maid of Honor Luggage Tag

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    The Bride’s Bestie Tank

  • Bestie Bridesmaid Shirt

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    Bachelorette Party Gifts THE PARTY & WIFE OF THE PARTY socks
    Wife of the Party Socks also available in The Party by The Paisley Box

    The Party Socks

  • Maid of Honor Calligraphy Shirt

  • Bridesmaid Luggage Tag with metallic stamp in a gift box by The Paisley Box

    Bridesmaid Luggage Tag

  • Bridesmaid Calligraphy Shirt